Monday 15 June 2009
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Help! O2 are ending 0844 free calls from 28th September 2007

Weve recently received a mountain of mail from worried O2 users who are used to making FREE international calls using their inclusive mobile minutes to call many countries overseas. This works because calling an 0844 access number used to be free using inclusive mobile minutes on most O2 pay monthly calling plans.

To find out if there is an 0844 access number for the country you are calling, please click here.

However, from 28th September 2007, O2 no longer allow 0844 access numbers to be called as part of the free bundled minutes. The cost of calling 0844 access numbers from O2 mobiles will then typically be about 20p/minute (still typically much cheaper than calling direct - check on the O2 website for the current calling rate).

So what shall you do?

Well dont worry MegaCalls have the answer! You can use our breakthrough SMS calling card service to make cheap calls to many countries for just 1p/minute using your mobile. You dial an 0207 London access number which is part of your free inclusive minutes on pay monthly calling plans.

To find out more about using the fantastic MegaCalls SMS Card to make cheap international calls, please click here.

PS- some users have asked if you can switch to a VIRGIN pay monthly mobile to make free calls using your bundled minutes using our access numbers starting 07. The answer is No, unfortunately not but you can use the SMS card. Click on the link above for calls from just 1p/min from your mobile + 0207 access cost. Please keep dialing and keep saving with MegaCalls!

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