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Phone abroad with Just Dial - step 1

Just text MEGACALLS to 80041

Never before has there been a more instant hassle free way to save on your calls abroad. Just text MEGACALLS to 80041, the text will cost £3 and you will receive a £3 international phone card pin direct to your mobile. Conveniently have these details sent to your mobile, just text CALL SMS to 60300. FREE service. UK mobiles only.

How do I get billed?

The £3 text message you send will be simply deducted from your mobileís pay as you go credit or added to your bill, if you are a monthly contract customer. Itís fantastic - 100ís of new customers start saving on calls every day!

Just Dial Card - Instructions for phoning abroad
Step 2 of calling overseas with Just Dial
Phone Abroad - just dial and you are done!

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